Recap of Planning Commission study session held Nov. 25, 2014

This study session was all about the application from the owner/owners of 122-124 Main Street. They want to replace the two building with a 9600 Sq foot, three story building. The lower floor being retail and other floors residential, I think.

The recently elected Councilmen Eric Peterson chaired, this the last meeting of this planning commission.  Someone from the planning department let off with the descriptions of all the required Government things that had to be done in government speak. Requests for this, mitigation, EIR, permit etc. . . .

After she concluded her remarks Lyn Semeta asked a number of very good questions on the Park in Lieu fees. How much do have in that account and what are we going to use it for. The planning people said they would supply that information later.  There was reference to the historical significance of the building and what steps the historical people would be taking related to this (vague I know).

There were other questions asked but the one commissioner that asked the best questions I thought was Dan Kalmick.  He asked some pointed questions about the measurements between builds, the setbacks etc.  After all questions were answered or responded to Erick and all the planning members said thank you everybody and said farewells.

Before the meeting concluded a couple public comments were made. One by a gentlemen who questioned when all the density started and who was responsible for it. Then Cari Swan gave a very impassioned speech on how this density issue has people really upset and we intend to continue to ask for remedies (Para phrased a lot).

Then Ron Troxell asked what I thought was the best observation of the night. He looked at the plans for the parking and concluded it would be almost impossible to park with the way the parking was configured. He also mentioned this is the same for many of the garages in downtown; they are too hard to park in and get out of and are mostly used for storage.

Maybe we should look at getting rid of the Parking in Lieu program downtown along we the shared parking concept. I think a project ought to meet the parking requirements or be scaled down to meet them. Right now we seem to change the rules to meet the project rather than the other way around. .

The city should not even take this money from the applicant if they have no intention of using it for parking related actions, it’s dishonest.  If we own the parking garage we should use these funds for a new paint job and better lighting fixtures etc.  Another way to use these funds is to acquire vacant property like old towing company lot’s and use that for parking.

Clem Dominguez

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