Planning Study Session for Pacific City’s request for parking variance 01/27/2015

Last night’s meeting had one agenda item, a request for a variance to eliminate 147 parking spaces from the planned 516 Apartment unit complex at Pacific City.  The developer believes that since they changed the configuration of the units from what they were previous that they should be able to develop the project with that many fewer spaces.

If the planning commission agrees with their calculations then they would not require a variance as I understand it. Michael Hoskinson  asked a number of questions about the calculations and public parking in the commercial end etc. There were a few other questions from other commissioners but I can’t recall what they were.

Four or five speakers for the developer spoke and gave there pitch as to why they should be required to build the spaces and that they were not asking for any special treatment.   Ron Sherud, Rob Pool and I spoke all for denying the variance. Many of our pointes were similar. It’s the acknowledgesment of what will happen if Pacific City is not adequately parked. The surrounds streets from 1st, on up through Huntington etc. will be badly impacted.

I thought Cari Swan made some of the best points of the night. The one I really liked is that these apartments no matter how much they provide will not be enough. The summer in HB has the Four of July, surfing contest and all sorts of events that those people living there will be flooded with guest requests. To say nothing of how any people will try to squeeze into the apartments because of the location and the high price. She pointed because of these events and contests Hunting Beach cannot be compared to any other Coastal City.  This was one of the arguments from the development side.

A couple that lives at Bella Terra spoke about what a mess the parking situation was. I thought this gave a real live example of what happens without proper parking. They went on about how they are always fighting with security guards that chalk their tires. Any many people have been towed away.

After the speakers one of the representatives from the developer tried to answer some of the comments with the developer response. What was telling to me was the engineer that said the parking/traffic study was done in Oct. but they added 10 or 20% to it to account for the additional autos in the summer.  I think 100 or 200% more would have been more accurate.

I didn’t stay until the end but I understand they did not vote, they will come in two weeks, I think.

Clem Dominguez

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