I’m a candidate for the OCWD #6

Yesterday I filled out my initial filings to become a candidate for the Orange County Water District, to represent Huntington Beach. I’m running because the deal the board has negotiated with Poseidon is one of the worst examples I’ve seen of CRONY capitalism.

But just as I don’t blame the unions for the unfunded liabilities causes by the massive pension giveaway, I don’t blame Poseidon. They are a private company that is out the make the most profit for their stockholders as possible. It’s up to our representatives to negotiate a better deal, not them.

And as with the Pacific City deal, and the recently signed deal to improve the Edison site, Hunting Beach gets 0 dollars. What we do get is two years of our streets being ripped up, a foreign company to run the plant, an  increase in our water rates and a possibility of our ocean and our water basin being damaged.

In the next weeks and months I will be detailing the problems with this deal and some possible ways, If I’ m elected, that could make it a lot better. My background includes, being a software engineer/ application developer, CEO for the last 45 years. You can find more information about me on LINKEDIN if you desire.  I will be putting up either a Facebook group or a website soon.

I’m a surfer who has lived in this city since I came out here in 1972. I was appointed to the General Planning Advisory board last year by Erik Peterson. There I got a firsthand look at how our tax dollars are foolishly spend. But even that, is nothing compared to the waste I’ve seen at the OCWD District.

Hopefully with your support we can turn this around. The Contract with Poseidon has a escape clause in it of Dec 31st, 2016. And since they have not received their Costal Permit and another permit we still have a glimmer of hope. Thanks, and enjoy the contest and the ocean, I was in today, a little foggy and colder but always fun.

Clem Dominguez


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