My name is Clem Dominguez  and I ran for City Council in 1988 because I hoped I could change the direction of the city at that time. My vision of the future back then was that HB would be more like Seal Beach, but instead we have become a tourist destination first and a residential community last, I’d like to see a change in our focus.

I’m a surfer, a US Navy Veteran and a senior. My main focus in life is my family, surfing, community and business in that order.  I moved here with my family in 1972.  I came to surf which I still do, whenever possible. After forty years of trying I won the local Senior contest in 2012. I also fulfilled a dream I had back then of shooting the pier, which I did in a 1984 contest (NEVER AGAIN).

I am considering a run again for city council in 2016. My qualifications include owing and operating my own Business for 32 years of the forty two I’ve lived here.  I’ve been a software developer,  a income tax preparer, managed my own income property, taught computer programming and owned and operated a Mailbox store.

Currently I’m a QuickBooks Online Pro Advisor that specializes in helping people learn to how to use the software for their particular business.

Please review my positions on issues as I post them and email me questions at  I will be attending as many of the Candidates Forums as possible and hope to see you there.

Thank You,

Clem Dominguez


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  1. Hey Clem! This is awesome!

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