Magical Elevator by Genevieve O. Dominguez

          Once there was a girl named Daisy. Daisy had one brother and two sisters whose names were Jeremy, Rose and Violet. Daisy was feeling gloomy because her father won the election to be President and they would have to move into the Whitehouse.  She would miss all her friends.

            The next morning they were off to the White house. When they got there they unpacked and then searched the place out. Daisy, Rose and Jeremy went their separate ways. Daisy rode on the elevator and it wouldn’t stop. Finally it stopped after twenty minutes. The doors opened and Daisy stepped out with her eyes wide open. To her amazement she was in a different world. There were trees, grass and a waterfall. She even saw a unicorn which is a horse with a horn on his or her head. Daisy could not believe where she was. She now knew why she was here, she was here because she pushed the level M.W. which stands for Magical World.

            Daisy wondered how to get back to her father. Then she had an idea. She went back to the elevator and pressed. B.T.T.R.W. which stands for back to the real world. When the doors opened her father was standing right there. She was so happy that she was back. Daisy now had a secret, she might share it with her family but she has to wait until it’s safe. She went there and made friends with animals. She went there for peace and quiet.

                                                            THE END

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