An Alcoholic’s pledge


Never again I had said
One more drink
I’d rather be dead

But here it is
The early morn
And I’m waking up
With my face inside the floor

An alcoholic is never cured
He’s just terminal
That’s for sure
People say “Just have one”
But when you do, you know you’re done

I myself can drink just three
Any more and its the end of me
I’ll drink twenty more until I fall
And stumble and crash
Into some stupid wall

Friend I know you want to help
But I have to do this all by myself

One response to “An Alcoholic’s pledge

  1. Clem’s correct. From personal experience I can tell you that a dry drunk is still a drunk.
    Well intentioned friends regard dry drunks with suspicion, but we are still the same people we were when we imbibed. The principal difference is that we no longer walk around in an altered state of consciousness.
    OMG I am Clem Dominguez.

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