Human Downfall

Shadows seek to shed the mold,
    of the worlds hold on the brain.
Instant messages force frequencies
    to die and waiver in their purpose 
    in life.
A skeleton alive with stories of time
   and people align to confess their crimes.
One at a time they speak the truth
   none to mention the forsaken earth, an 
   none to realize their Gods absurd.
Hands folded in prayer, thoughts drifting;
   do dollars compare? Continue to earn
   this need to calling with eyes surprised
   the skies are falling.
Without a notion of regret this raped 
    child seeks no comfort in its abusers
No longer deemed wise, by this hand 
    the bloodshed had derived.
But quick to forgive oneself of blame
    for they did not evolve this way with
    any consideration of inflicted pain.
Marching forward with a claim to fame
    and fall face first in a dirtless grave.

Clem Edward Dominguez

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